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Economics is vital  in any ethnicity. Africian Americans in this country have not seen the economic prosperity that other ethnic groups have been able to obtain . United Sates slavery was about capitalism rather the perception of  socialism. EMPOWER YOU stands on the pillar of economic freedom. What does that mean? Our objective is to arm Africian American women the tools to survive in business by practicing  cohesive economics. 

Cohesive economics is a group of individuals working together to build each other economically,  that also creates a sense of belonging and trust among each other. The group stands together against marginalization and exclusion and fights together for economic power. 

Politics is the key to power. Our goal is to put Africian Americans into political positions that have the black community agenda. We need representatives at the local, state and federal level that will exercise our platform and our platform only. EMPOWER YOU

will be educating the Africian American community about local politics and also how to hold elected officials accountable. We will be conducting fundraisers, community forums, and events. Our mission is to control our own narrative in our own community

Community is the foundation  of any culture. EMPOWER YOU aims to build the community through giving individuals the receipt of success. The key is working together to build. Building a community through economics is important. A community has to have housing, commercial development, and performing schools in order to have a eco-system. EMPOWER YOU will work with various organizations to help nuture the Africian American Community into a social hub of prosperity. We plan to work with organizations that uplift our community and sow seeds into the next generation.  

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